The woman I want to be

Sister Donvito’s lesson today was all about becoming the women we want to be.  Not focusing on the things we lack, but striving toward the things we can add. She had us do an exercise where we closed our eyes and pictured ourselves as the woman we want to be, and then we broke off into groups to discuss topics of personal growth such as spiritual, social, mental and physical. It was a very fun and active lesson. It was great to have all of the sisters in class with us.  she left us with a few quotes…

“Let’s not settle for mediocrity. Let’s always try our best. Let us decide now what type of person we want to be, and when a difficult situation comes along we will be prepared to pass the test.” Brother Peter Vidmar

“All you need to do is this: Beginning this very day, stop doing some one thing you know you
should not do.” After you have written this one thing down, stop doing it—tonight! Do you
understand the assignment? You will write down one thing you will stop doing tonight that is
holding you back.
Some of you will have the necessary self-discipline and courage to do this. Others of you will
just sit here and say, “Oh boy.” You won’t pay any attention to it and so a month from now you
will still be dragging behind you the same habit that is holding you back from being your best
A few of you will stop doing that one thing tonight. Why? Because you are going to write it
down and then you are going to discipline yourself in such a way that you are going to take a
problem out of your life.”

“Start doing each day some one thing
you know you should do!” Write down one thing that you are going to start doing that you have
been meaning to do for a long time but that you just haven’t gotten around to. I don’t know what
it might be, but place into your life, beginning tonight, one thing that you are going to do that is
going to make you a better person. I believe if you make this a regular practice, you will start to
fulfill the Savior’s teaching when he asked us, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father
which is in heaven is perfect.” (Matt. 5:48.) Perfection is a process and not an event, and we will
come to appreciate that perfection is an internal matter, not external. It is a process by which you
and I learn to eliminate the things in life that are not good, replace them with the things in life
that are eternal in nature, with the objective and thought that perfection is obtainable, but it must
be earned.”  Elder M. Russell Ballard

“Working toward perfection is not a one time decision but a process to be pursued throughout one’s lifetime. ” Spencer w Kimball


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