Jenna Crapo – primary presidency

What was your first job? My first “real” job aside from babysitting, was sorting potatoes on a potato farm. It was just as glamorous as it sounds!

What is your favorite place you have traveled to? My favorite vacation was Maui with my husband. It was the first big trip we took together.

Do you have a special talent? Okay, here is my secret…I am a really good arm-wrestler. Like… really good! My older brothers used to make me arm wrestle them growing up.

When I worked on that potato farm as a teenager, I beat all the boys I worked with. I don’t know if that should be more embarrassing for them or me! Ha ha!

If you could be given any gift what would it be? I have always wished I was musically gifted. I really love music and I have pretty much zero musical talent!

What are you really afraid of? I am totally claustrophobic! My dream house would be made of glass! I think my biggest fear though is not accomplishing my goals.


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