removing limescale naturally


If you have hard water leaving limescale and soap scum on your sinks and faucets like I do, you already know how stubborn it can be.  Even after cleaning with your ordinary cleaner, the limescale remains.  Luckily a simple way to remove it is likely already in your kitchen: a  lemon!

Step one: Cut a lemon in half and rub limescale well with lemon.  Let sit 10 minutes.

Step two: After 10 minutes has passed, scrub at the limescale with a scrubby brush.  The limescale should loosen and flake off fairly easily.  You can also try scraping the limescale off with a finger nail instead of a scrubby brush or try a pot scraper if you have one.  What ever you use, make sure it won’t scratch up your surface too much.

Step three: Rinse thoroughly.

If the lemon and scrubbing doesn’t remove the limescale fairly easily, Rub with lemon again, wait ten more minutes, and scrub some more.  Easy, right?




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