Relief Society Follow up to HOME STORAGE LESSON

By Linda Edmonds

My journey on the Home Storage journey began 39 years ago when I was in college at Cornell University and becoming active again in the church. A wise Relief Society teacher taught a lesson and I decided that I could do something so I purchased and stored wheat under my bed. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it but I had started my Home Storage.

The next big step was 30 years ago when Mark and I got married and we spent our wedding money on a Coleman stove, a tent and a cooler that we could use for camping but more importantly as part of our emergency preparedness plan. We still use the Coleman stove when we have power outages and the tent is probably in need of replacing but it is still shelter. We just replaced the metal, plastic-lined red cooler a year ago.

We were off and running then we had a plan to purchase one, two, five, or ten extra cans of whatever was on sale at the grocery store. We gradually built up our storage on a very meager income. We were obedient and we did what we could and have been blessed for our efforts. We have had food to eat when we had major car repairs or other unexpected expenses.

Where would I recommend starting – WATER! Without lifegiving water we would be doomed in emergencies or in extreme weather conditions (heat, lack of power, storms, or destruction. Years ago we relied on storing bleach for purification of contaminated water, a water purification device, and now we have added some sealed bottles of water for convenience.

My favorite resource for water storage is . I trust that the Lord has provided direction to living prophets and those serving under their direction to give us the tools we need to know what to do.

HOW MUCH water to store? 1 gallon per person per day for 2 weeks! This is water for drinking and cooking. For hygiene and other things we have a hand pumping device to access our well and we have large storage containers that will take care of our other needs.

What next? I will elaborate on what I have learned and what we did as a family.
1) 72 hour kits for each member of our family with food and water for evacuation and for keeping with us as we travel to work, school, and on the road.
2) Build 1 week, 2 weeks or 1 month storage of what we eat normally. We made some adjustments in our eating to store that is easy to store.
3) Build a 3 month storage
4) Build a solid year’s supply home storage that will be long-lasting, life-sustaining, and economical and that follows the direction from prophets and apostles. On the way to this year’s supply we found that we continued to build our storage of what we eat.



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