Keep a can of Crisco and a wick in your emergency supplies. One can of Crisco will burn for about 45 days. Alternatively you can keep a box of crayons in your stash too, all by themselves the paper and wax will burn like a birthday candle and last about 30 minutes for each crayon.

The sun is shining and we have to protect ourselves from it’s harmful rays. If you’re headed outdoors keep some sunscreen with you, and if you pull a half-empty, sand-caked tube of last summer’s sunscreen out of your beach bag, check the expiration date before using it. Most sunscreens are designed with specially formulated stabilizers […]

Water Water Water The weather is getting better, and hotter! So make sure to keep water on you at all times, Drink tons of water. Not only will it prevent dehydration and heat stroke, but it hydrates your skin as well, which will be exposed to the sun. It’s better to take a few extra […]

Get the kids involved and informed when it comes to being ready for emergencies. make mazes of your house or other places you frequently visit, like School or grandma’s house, that they can complete to learn an evacuation route in case of a fire or other emergency. Put obstacles in front of the obvious exits, […]